Bringing An All-New Comedy Experience to The Area

Introducing Iron Comedy Competition. Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware area, and beyond, Iron Comedy Competition is a hilarious contest that presents a true Triathlon of Comedy. My show revolves around the unique concept of a three-part competition, in which talented comedians showcase their skills in the following events: stand-up comedy, the one-liner challenge, and a roast battle. The winner is determined by the applause ... Read more

Why This Show Is Different

Unlike many shows involving ‘competition’, Iron Comedy Competition is meant to be fun for both the audience and the performers. Our competitors can enjoy each other’s skills. Most often description given by the comedians, “It’s a party on stage”.

The Journey Behind Iron Comedy Productions

Hello. I'm Bill McLaughlin, the creator of Iron Comedy Productions, and I'm excited to share the story behind this venture. My journey in the world of comedy has been a colorful and exciting one, beginning with the workshops in improvisational comedy at the Second City theater in Chicago with the legendary Del Close. I became a co-founding member of The Chicago City Limits, an improv and sketch comedy troupe. After moving to New York City CC... Read more

The Three Stages of an Iron Comedy Competition


The journey begins with Stand-Up Comedy. This stage is where our talented comedians take center stage, armed with their wit, humor, and a treasure trove of anecdotes. The spotlight shines on them as they share their unique perspectives, delivering side-splitting stories and clever observations that leave the audience in stitches. Stand-Up Comedy is the foundational event that sets the tone for the entire show, showcasing the comedians' comedic prowess and their ability to connect with the audience through laughter. It's a rollercoaster ride of humor and hilarity that promises an unforgettable start to the Comedy Triathlon.

The One-Liner Challenge

Hold on to your seats because things are about to get rapid-fire funny in the One-Liner Challenge! In this high-energy segment, our comedians unleash a barrage of quick-witted one-liners that will have you gasping for breath. It's a test of comedic timing, wordplay, and clever quips that keeps the laughter rolling. Each one-liner is a punchline in itself, delivered with precision and speed, ensuring that you're in for a night of non-stop chuckles. The One-Liner Challenge adds an exciting dimension to the Comedy Triathlon, offering a fast-paced and hilarious experience that will leave you amazed at the comedians' quick thinking and wordplay abilities.

The Roast Battle

Get ready for some friendly and hilarious banter as the Roast Battle takes the stage. In this segment, comedians engage in a humorous battle of insults, taking playful jabs at each other, all in good fun. It's a comedic showdown where wit and humor are the weapons of choice, and the audience is in for a treat as comedians trade humorous barbs with impeccable timing. The Roast Battle adds an extra layer of humor to the Comedy Triathlon, showcasing the camaraderie and camaraderie among the comedians as they playfully roast each other while aiming for the title of the wittiest roast-master. It's an uproarious segment that promises hearty laughter and good-natured fun for all. Curious to see it all in action? Get your tickets today!