The McLaughlin Comedy Mystery

The McLaughlin Comedy Mystery is a roast disguised as a murder mystery. The victim and suspects are all from your group.


It's a comedy show.

My cast is composed of professional comedians well versed in the boundaries of corporate entertainment. The focus is entirely on your group. The actors have no boring dialogue exposition about their characters other than to briefly introduce themselves as someone connected with a member of your group or working for the venue.


The cast will consist of a ‘Special Security Chief’ for the venue, and other cast members are people supposedly connected to the victim in their private life (examples: psychic adviser, Life Coach, personal trainer, etc.). I will get inside info on YOUR victim and YOUR suspects.

After the victim dies (victim proposes toast - they are poisoned - body removed - they return as the victim’s long-lost twin) the security chief will read an email they received earlier from the victim naming suspicious individuals within your group. The inside info is twisted and taken out of context to create absurd intrigue.


It's funny. It's a Roast.


Clues from previous attempts on the victim's life (based on the inside information) will implicate those suspects. They will individually be brought up and questioned. It's funny. They will throw others under the bus. Trust me.


What about the other performers? The other actors will have spoken to as many guests as possible and taken notes on their comments. They will be asked to reveal what they found. This is an extension of the roast as they will take everything out of context and name a good number of people in the room.


Each table is a team. Each team will get a ballot. They will name their team, the killer, and reveal the motive. A team captain will reveal their findings. More under the bus fun!


The murderer...I'm not telling. I already know. Any further questions please send them along.

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