Bringing An All-New Comedy Experience to The Area

Introducing Iron Comedy Competition. Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware area, and beyond, Iron Comedy Competition is a hilarious contest that presents a true Triathlon of Comedy. My show revolves around the unique concept of a three-part competition, in which talented comedians showcase their skills in the following events: stand-up comedy, the one-liner challenge, and a roast battle. The winner is determined by the applause ... Read more

Why This Show Is Different

Unlike many shows involving ‘competition’, Iron Comedy Competition is meant to be fun for both the audience and the performers. Our competitors can enjoy each other’s skills. Most often description given by the comedians, “It’s a party on stage”.

The Journey Behind Iron Comedy Productions

Hello. I'm Bill McLaughlin, the creator of Iron Comedy Productions, and I'm excited to share the story behind this venture. My journey in the world of comedy has been a colorful and exciting one, beginning with the workshops in improvisational comedy at the Second City theater in Chicago with the legendary Del Close. I became a co-founding member of The Chicago City Limits, an improv and sketch comedy troupe. After moving to New York City CC... Read more